Hello, there let us build our first app using Flutter. I am very excited and hope you are too!. In my previous blog, I gave a slight introduction of Flutter and now things are going to get real. Yes !!! we shall build our very first app in Flutter.

No, it's not the “Hello World App”. We are going to build the “I am Rich” app.

Yes, so this app will make you rich! is it so?

No!, so basically this app does nothing but just displays an image when you open the app, and then you have the title…

Hey there. This is my first tech blog on my blog series focused on technology and especially mobile development. So let us begin with an introduction to apps.

Well as we all know, mobile apps are applications that are downloaded and installed on a user’s mobile device. An app can basically get content and data from the Internet, similar to a website, but there is this biggest advantage of the mobile app, that it can be accessed without an Internet connection. In this era of technology, the mobile phone plays a vital role in our life.

Goals are individual experiences and accomplishments in life you strive for. A vision is the bigger picture. Your life’s vision defines who you want to be, what you want to be known for and the set of experiences and exposure you aim for in your life.

Your vision helps you define the goals by giving you a platform to evaluate those goals.

When you have no personal vision, you’re just wandering through life without a clear direction or end goal. …

M Vishwas Kamath

A student and a developer currently working in Web & App development. Learn <=> Apply <=> Share is the goal.

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